Now You Can Reduce Canker Sore Outbreaks The Natural Way

It happens to just about everyone at least once in their life. An outbreak of canker sores in the mouth that are accompanied by localized burning pain, exacerbated by eating, drinking and simply talking. When they do occur, they may seem to last forever and time seems to be only sure cure. Although relief for the pain is available, they will usually not disappear until they have run their natural course.

Causes of canker sores remain a mystery although it is commonly believed that stress, nutritional deficiencies and even allergies may be contributing causes. There are those who believe that the susceptibility of canker sores is hereditary while others believe they can be made worse by some of the products being used to promote effective oral hygiene.

Faqs On Canker Sores

1) Some of the chemicals used in toothpaste and mouthwash can actually damage the sensitive lining of the mouth, leaving it open for infections such as canker sores.

2) They can appear as small red bumps, about a third of an inch in length or smaller or in larger ulcer-type sores.

3) The pain that accompanies canker sores can be tremendous considering the size of these irritating infections.

While some only experience canker sores a few times during their life, others may suffer numerous frequent outbreaks. By treating the mouth naturally, itÂ’s possible to reduce the number of outbreaks as well as the severity and length of their presence. Using natural products in oral hygiene can help protect the mouth against infection.

Using baking soda for oral care can help reduce the outbreaks of canker sores as well as help promote the healing of sores that are already present. Keeping the mouth clean before an outbreak can help prevent them, but more importantly the sores can be opened by rubbing against the teeth and keeping them clean will help in the healing process.

While canker sores are painful regardless of their location within the mouth, if they are located on the side of the tongue they can be irritated by contact with the teeth. Those that form in the throat are more likely to become worse due to swallowing. Using a salt-water rinse can help keep the mouth clean and promote healing. If these mouth sores continue to be a problem, tougher measures may be needed.

To reduce the pain topical gels used for teething infants or adult toothaches, can help temporarily eliminate the pain and many of their ingredients can also defend the area against further infection. Using prescription medication will be prescribed by the doctor if the canker sores are severe and appear to be resisting natural methods.

Vitamin C and B complex vitamins not only help prevent the ulcers caused by nutritional deficiency but have been shown to speed the healing of canker sores. During an outbreak, certain foods should be avoided such as hard, crunchy snacks and even raw vegetables such as carrots and celery can aggravate the sores in the mouth. While they will usually heal themselves over time, dealing with the irritation can be painful, but through the use of many natural products, the effects can be limited.

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