Are There Natural Remedies for Crons Disease

Crohn’s disease or sometimes also spelt as chrons disease affects some 2 million people in North America and 95,000 in the United Kingdom. It is an inflammatory condition of the digestive tract which leads to fistulas, ulcers and obstructions in the large or small intestines. It is thought to be related to an auto-immune response by some scientists while others think it is a low stomach acid response but the causes and cures remain unknown. In addition to the alimentary tract, this condition can affect the joints and eyes.

A flare up of symptoms can occur after months of an individual having been symptom free. These triggers can vary between individuals but if you understand your flare up triggers then you can avoid them. Many Crohn’s disease sufferers use natural remedies to circumvent taking medications or because medications are unaffordable. The natural healing processes of the body can be helped by natural remedies and may reduce chances of relapses.

It is essential that appropriate diets should be followed for natural treatments to be successful. Relief is brought to many sufferers of the disease if they avoid yeast, wheat and milk. To lessen the risk of developing Crohn’s disease and improve chances of attaining remission, sufferers should have a proper intake of Omega-6 fatty acids (sesame seed, corn oil) and Omega-3 fatty acids (Flaxseed oil, oily fish such as trout and salmon) according to research.

If taken daily (initially one teaspoon, steadily increasing it to one tablespoon), the anti-inflammatory properties of hemp oil, a well balanced oil which contains Omega-3, 6, and 9, are effective in reducing inflammatory processes. Candida - a fungal overgrowth caused by destruction of bacteria (the good type) in the alimentary tract through use of steroids and antibiotics, is another Crohn’s disease related problem. Those with compromised immune systems can suffer with low energy levels due to candida, usually a harmless yeast that occurs in the bowel, having spread into the bloodstream.

Two types of natural remedies, available from health food stores (for both Candida overgrowth and Crohn’s disease), are Wormwood and Zell Oxygen. It is recommended that remission cases have a diet of natural high fiber whole foods and that relapsed cases showing symptoms have a low residue, low fat diet as an additional natural remedy. In helping the intestines recover from inflammatory responses proper nutrients are important as they promote self healing in the body. Intestines with less or no inflammatory responses are better able to absorb and process nutrients, the risk of obstructions, fistulas and ulcers is lowered and cramping, pain or diarrhea is controlled.

It is necessary that you do not deviate from a nutritious and well-balanced diet. Crohn’s disease, as well as other inflammatory bowel disease, sufferers should steer clear of processed and high fat foods, caffeine and milk if they want to stay healthy.