Simple Manual On How To Use Garlic Yeast Infection Remedy

There is no question about the therapeutic wonders of garlic as compared to other herbal drugs. In this particular article, I will concentrate in garlic and how it should be harnessed to heal yeast infections. While some of the medical community are not yet convinced about the use of herbal medications that are scientifically proven, I feel and think that these remedies such as garlic deserves credit for its supernatural healing powers, besides these medical practitioners who want us to restrict ourselves to their prescriptions, use the same garlic to come up with these pills and they put some supplements that are not that effective to some yeast infection sufferers.

As such, what I am emphasizing is using garlic as it is in its natural form although the choice is entirely yours. If you think that what is very right for you is what a medical expert can prescribe in form of tablets, I have no quarrel with your preference. In fact I want to confirm to you that there are tablets made from garlic extracts and they do not leave that disgusting garlic smell that you hate so much. However, these drugs have been criticized by some learned fellows who argue that the producers of such drugs do include some additives that do not always allow just about anyone to use them successfully depending on the body type. But if you have used them before for cure of yeast infection without any side effect, then go ahead and use them again.

I think it’s worth noting that the method one chooses as garlic yeast infection remedy should depend on the severity and frequency of the ailment. If you have already recovered from a yeast infection, then it’s better if you continue counting garlic as part of your daily diet. You can choose to eat it uncooked by just peeling some of its pieces and chew it that way.

In this form, the intelligent medical experts say that the natural form ensures that nothing is lost and this therefore guarantees one that recurrent yeast infections could just be a thing of the past. However if you like it cooked then have it this way but well you should know that some of its healing potential is destroyed by heat and therefore you could be gaining too little although it is better than none at all.

However, if you are deeply in pain fighting day and night to relieve the incredible discomfort in your private parts, then it is about time you trusted garlic yeast infection remedy to work wonders. If you are already at the heights of suffering with this yeast infection, then it will be better to cure this right at the point of occurrence instead of chewing some. With the garlic, you do not need to freeze anything, like the yogurt remedy. All you need to do is to peel the garlic, pick one of its many cloves and insert in your vagina and please do not forget to switch with a fresh one after some given hours in a day.

Another way to use garlic is probably to clash it and rub this on those sores that are causing excruciating pain. What works here is the garlic juice to clear the fungi responsible for yeast infection. You could apply this on the labia, vulva or head of the penis that could have been swollen during this period of agony. Remember all that counts is restoration of your health and the comfort that comes with it not the smell of garlic.

Wangeci Kinyanjui has been researching and reporting on Health Matters for years. For more information on garlic visit her site at GARLIC