Teenage Acne: Causes, Symptoms And Cure

What are the causes of teenage acne and how to get rid of acne that is linked to puberty?

Teenage acne is bad news. Not only is it painful but its implications can be devastating too. In fact, teenage acne has been known to have a deep social, intellectual and emotional impact on the young person.

What worries most people about teenage acne is not the scars on the face (which anyways occurs), but its psychological impacts that may severely downgrade the self esteem of an individual. It can be so bad that the entire personality of the person changes and he carries the emotional scars even after becoming an adult, these are the psychological marks of teenage acne that has a far greater impact than the physical blemishes.

I know because I have suffered from teenage acne, it lasted for 13 years and it had a great negative impact on my intellectual and emotional growth. The impact changed me. I began to spend time alone with shame and out of fear and guilt too. And due to this, I can say that the acne deprived me of a normal teenage experience. I was finally able to come out of this after I found a cure which was possible only after 7 years of research and personal experimentation. And now I can say that I have finally been able to get rid of the acne problem. But the best news is, the acne has not returned and my skin today is great.

So go ahead and read this report to find out why people have teenage acne, what the role of the parents are, and how you can permanently solve this problem.

Learn about the symptoms and the theories of teenage acne

Blackheads, whiteheads, lesions that appear like boils, cysts and large pimples, teenage acne may appear in many types. And the severity of the outbreaks may also differ. In cases of a moderate outbreak, there are just a few growths on the back, chest or the face. However when the case is severe, then there are cysts that appear big and sore, and they come up all over the body. It looks bad.

Somehow more number of males seems to be affected by severe teenage acne than females. In males, the affected regions are also frequently the back and the chest.

But what causes teenage acne - well, there are many thoughts on this one. There are those who would say that the culprit is the hair follicles that get blocked. Then there are those who blame the genes. Another thought blames the body`s mechanism (the immunity) of fighting the acne bacteria. Some other popular causes include sudden increase in hormones or decrease in nutrients. Even the environmental lifestyle factors have been blamed for teenage acne.

Having done research on the subject for 7 years now, I now know what really causes the problem and so I can differentiate the real reasons from the false theories. This learning I have acquired through years of research, experimentation and trial and error. And now I have the answer that helps me beat acne.

So what really causes teenage acne?

The acne is not something that is temporary and so it is important to find out the causes. In truth, the real causes of teenage acne, no matter whether it is casual or severe, remain deep within the human body. To fight teenage acne, you will need to find an answer to these causes. Just treating the symptoms and neglecting the root causes never help, but this is the mistake many make. That is why OTC medications, antibiotics and other conventional drugs do not work. Though the symptoms go away, but the cause remains within the body and so the teenage acne returns.

When the body produces more hormones than it can deactivate and expel it can lead to an imbalance and this can lead to teenage acne. In some cases the body begins to make more oil and this prompts the acne too. The growths may also appear due to the buildup of toxins in the blood and lymph.

There is just one way you can treat teenage acne and this is by eradicating the causes that are making the lesions to appear.

Teenage Acne: what can the parents do?

The role of the parents is always crucial because of the deep social and emotional impact that teenage acne can have. Each person needs to be understood and should be carefully and thoughtfully handled. Proper understanding is very important here.

Never ever make your child believe that you think that he or she needs to be blamed for the teenage acne that the person has. This will only worsen the issue. A better approach would be to show empathy and hold your patience and help the person come out of his dreadful condition.

Do make an attempt to feel the pain he or she is going through. Make the person understand that you are with him or her and that the child is still regarded highly, spend some time together, and talking is important here.

No one likes to suffer from teenage acne and so finding a cure is crucial because otherwise there can be a negative impact on the social and intellectual growth. Make them feel confident that you are always there to help them fight the condition and move on in life. Show them that you care by showing your own research on the subject.

Fight teenage acne successfully

Though there are quite a few remedies all around us, such as antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, conventional drugs and even steroids, but the truth is, just one works. In fact many of these remedies actually worsen the condition as they come with side effects. The real causes are all internal and they need to be taken on to beat teenage acne. Just treating the external symptoms will never work as they are just manifestations.

All the factors of teenage acne can be successfully treated only through the holistic approach, and this treatment gives permanent results too. The approach here is to take on both the internal as well as the external factors. With the holistic approach you can not only get rid of teenage acne, but also improve your health by fighting other diseases that occur from hormonal imbalances such as kidney problems, hair loss. With the teenage acne gone, the person can go out there and have a great emotional, social and intellectual life.