Dry Skin - Facts You Should Know About Dry Skin

The causes of dry skin are not limited just to winter when the temperatures are cold and winds are howling. Dry skin can also result from too hot a bath, harsh cleansers, or even air travel. You can use the following facts to avoid or at least minimize that annoying itchy, dry skin.

Moisturizers help in reducing water loss from the epidermis preventing further dryness with a soothing barrier against soot and dirt. This will offer a temporary feeling of smoothness because your pores will seem smaller.

Hot baths - not for you: In the winter months, long hot baths can exacerbate dry skin. Try short luke warm baths instead or even lukewarm showers. When you are out of the shower, moisturize right away after patting dry your skin gently.

Moisturize: Several important functions are associated with a moisturizer. It replaces lost water and water binding ingredients help keep it in the skin. Products that cleanse and moisturize can save you an extra step. Remain hydrated throughout the day by drinking lots of water.

Lips: Licking your dry lips won’t provide relief. Instead, it will make your lips drier and chapped. Apply a moisturizing lip balm or gloss to keep your lips soft and smooth, particularly before bed.

Cleansing care: Mild cleansers will help prevent dry, itchy skin during cold, harsh, dry winter. During the summer, we are often working inside with air conditioning allowing for cooling comfort. The downside of this is humidity is removed from the air which has a tendency to dry out our skin.

Airplane: The humidity on long flights can drop to a low of 1% and a 3 hour flight can sap all the moisture from your skin and hair. This is the reason why you might find your skin and hair feeling tight or dry when you get off an airplane. Hydrate yourself during the flight, but limit your intake of coffee and alcohol because they can be counterproductive. Your moisturizer in hand luggage will be of great help because you can use them on mid-flight and before you disembark, splash your face with water and follow up with moisturizer.

Keep the moisture sealed in: If you want your skin to be soft and smooth, apply lotion or body oil when drying off after a bath or shower, making sure that your skin is still damp. This will help to seal the moisture in and leave your skin feeling great.

Soothe your skin: When you have dry or sensitive skin, eczema or other skin disorders, it can lead to itchy skin. Adding oatmeal to your bathwater is a traditional way to sooth the itch. For the less extreme options, skin care with moisturizers developed to retain moisture and fluids works best. Hyaluronic Acid is used with many creams and lotions to help cell membranes maintain moisture content. It has become a key ingredient in dry skin products. Combined with firming agents, you get the best of both worlds, firmer and softer skin.

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